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Dental Professional FAQ’s

Need some information before getting started?

Discover how PONTIC  supports your career goals & lifestyle needs.

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Navigating PONTIC

Need help navigating? Find step-by-step instructions to Account Creation, Job Arrangements, and more.

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Need some info before getting started? 

Why be a PONTIC employee…


Providing resources to support YOU while enhancing everyone's experience!
  • We have some suggestions on your rates. See our blog.
  • PONTIC supports Dental Professionals by setting a minimum hourly rate.

You’re a skilled Dental Professional and should be compensated fairly!

We pay you!

As an employee, PONTIC pays employer taxes and ensures that employee taxes are taken care of. No worrying about end of the year taxes and multiple tax forms (1099’s).

As a PONTIC employee, we send you one W2 at the end of the year.


No worries, PONTIC pays for your worker’s compensation while on the job.

PONTIC has cancellation policies that  encourage everyone to keep their appointments, with cancellation fees that go to you!

With PONTIC there’s:

  • Direct deposits into your bank account!
  • Reminder emails and texts with all the information you need! Plus, login anytime and view your calendar, contracts, and office procedures.
  • No need for multiple phone calls or managing several emails and text messages…Seek, work & be Paid all on the PONTIC platform.

Prior to your first job, PONTIC provides:

  • Training on the PONTIC platform,
  • OSHA & HIPAA training,
  • Links of software tutorials,
  • and, assistance with self-promotion as a Dental Professional.

PONTIC continually supports and encourages it’s dental professionals to be engaged & proficient. PONTIC provides an environment in which you can thrive and be successful by keeping you updated with new information, scope, practices, and technology.

The PONTIC Promise

“At PONTIC, we believe that dental offices and dental professionals can better serve themselves and their patients by employing the right people, in the right place, at the right time.
At PONTIC, we believe in challenging dental offices and dental professionals to innovate…together.
At PONTIC, we believe in consistency. We believe in proficiency. We believe in eliminating fees, raising salaries, and creating a lifestyle.
We believe in Empowerment.”


Quick Answers

Do I have to become a PONTIC Employee?2020-05-31T11:21:26-06:00

Yes. All dental professionals that temp with PONTIC are employees.

Create an account to gain access to our permanent job postings without being an employee.

How do I become an employee?2020-05-31T11:24:04-06:00

You’ll need to complete an employment application form. 

PONTIC will review your application and reach out to you for an interview to discuss the onboarding process.

When do I get paid?2020-05-31T11:25:12-06:00

PONTIC pays it’s employees every Thursday for the previous week of work. Your payments are direct-deposited into your account.

How much do I make?2020-05-31T11:25:44-06:00

You’ll make different rates based on your arrangements with each dental office. You’re in control of those rates and the negotiations within our pay rate window.

Navigating PONTIC

Look UP & to your right for the Create Account button!

  • Enter Your Information

    1. Name
    2. Email
    3. Password
    4. Zip Code
  • Agree to Terms & Conditions

  • Click Create Account

Verify your account.

Check your spam for Account Verification Email

We just need a little bit of information to get you started.

We’ll need:

  • A picture – you have the option of uploading any picture that represents you

  • Contact Information

  • License information, plus a PDF of your license.

  • Your Pay Rate

  • Your availability

  • Additional Certifications

  • Your Proficiencies & Skills

  • A brief description about you and what you’re looking for

To fill out your Profile information just click Create Profile.

Go to Temp Jobs on the side-menu & you’ll be able to view all the temporary job postings on the PONTIC Job Board!

You can submit Proposals for the jobs you’re interested in… Just click View Job Details,  click Chat & Proposal and send your proposal!

After selecting Chat & Proposal, you’ll be taken to Chat & Proposals page where negotiations happen.

The Job you’re interested in will have appeared in the Job Proposal Form.

The Job Proposal Form:

  • Lists all days that the dental office needs.

  • Select which days you’re available.

  • Set your Pay Rate.

  • When you’ve selected all your days and updated your rate, select Submit Proposal

The Dental Office will be notified of your Proposal and respond shortly. Any mistakes or updates can be made from the Chat & Proposal page. You’ll be notified when you’re Booked and requested to confirm. After confirming, your calendar will update appropriately.

PONTIC will send you notifications via email and text to let you know about upcoming Bookings. Make sure you prepare by:

  • Mapping your way to the office. You can find the address on the dental office profile page.

  • Confirm the hours with the dental office via the Chat feature!

Conveniently PONTIC provides a time clock  on the PONTIC Platform. Make sure to submit your hours immediately. PONTIC recommends doing it before you leave the office.

  • On the PONTIC Platform Dashboard you’ll be able to Log Your Hours for each day.

  • Once you submit your hours, the Dental Office will need to Approve them within 24 hours.

PONTIC runs payroll every week and will deposit funds directly into your bank account.

  • To access your paystub login to your Paycheck Account.

  • PONTIC withholds your employee taxes for you.

Congrats! That’s it and your job is complete. 

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