Using PONTIC’s search filters, find the perfect temp for your office.


Book the perfect fit for your office. PONTIC sends reminders and confirmations.


Use PONTIC to communicate before the scheduled day.


Approve hours & pay PONTIC. No book-keeping, No 1099’s, No worries.

Everything You Need On One Platform


When you work with PONTIC,

Build connections and get paid in one platform.

Control your fees & schedule.

Working with PONTIC, you’re in control to accept or decline jobs without penalty, receive one 1099 at the end of the year, receive direct deposits, and maintain the freedom to set your own wages and schedule.

All the perks of a temp agency

But without the expense...

Everything on the PONTIC Platform!

Booking dental professionals through PONTIC, you can browse profiles, review experience, chat, and negotiate. You no longer need to deal with expensive payroll taxes and fees! Invoice and payments all happen through PONTIC.

How It Works

With PONTIC‘s Temporary Job Postings…

everything is done on one platform!

No risk posting – only pay for booking…not a subscription fee.

Negotiate pay rates through our Chat & Proposals feature.

Pay your temp through PONTIC Payment.

We’ll take care of the employment paperwork.

Easily find quality dental professionals

On PONTIC, you’ll find a range of skilled employees, from the very experienced, to new graduates, dentists, hygienists, & assistants.

Start by posting a job. Tell us about your job and the specific skills required. Learn how.
PONTIC reviews your job. Our intuitive platform highlights employees just for you based on their skills, availability, and travel desires, to help you find talent that’s a good match.
We send all available dental professionals your job posting. To ensure success, we make sure everyone is notified of your job posting.
• Search our site for the perfect fit, and professionals can view your job and submit.

Hire the perfect fit

Be proactive and send proposals. Review multiple proposals and book the best.

Browse profiles. View PONTIC profiles to see portfolios, expected pay, and experience.
Review proposals. Evaluate and take into account each employees qualifications, availability, and skill-set.
Chat. Ask specific questions, determine who’s the best fit, and book for your job.

Pay easily, with peace of mind

Pay your dental professional by the hour. No need for payroll taxes.

Simplified hiring process. No need to worry about HR headaches. PONTIC Professionals are PONTIC contractors. We handle it all!
Includes PONTIC Payment Protection. Only pay for work you authorize. Hours are submitted on the platform and approved by you.
Safe and secure payments. ACH withdrawal from your account to PONTIC upon authorization of hours worked.
Invoicing and reporting. Access your invoices and transaction history on PONTIC.

Utilizing the PONTIC platform

PONTIC is a great place to find jobs, and to manage and grow your career.

Easy to build a network with PONTIC. By utilizing the PONTIC Marketplace, you can maintain your freelancing spirit.
Freedom to work when and where you want. With PONTIC, you’re in charge: Choose the jobs you want to work, set your own fees, & take a vacation when you want.
Benefits with PONTIC. Working with PONTIC provides stability and maintains freedom while getting paid with direct deposits.
Be rewarded for bringing dental offices to PONTIC. Get a bonus for referring dental offices.

Get to work

PONTIC makes it easy to connect with dental offices.

Streamlined hiring. PONTIC’s intuitive software highlights jobs just for you.
Repeat work with offices you love. PONTIC’s Platform encourages dental offices to use PONTIC for repeat work.

Be free…be in control

PONTIC  is restriction-free.

No non-compete contracts. PONTIC will not restrict you from taking a permanent job. No excessive fees to offices for permanent placement.

Control your life. At PONTIC, we’re all about lifestyle. We want you to have the lifestyle you want.

See What People Have To Say About PONTIC!

Sara is amazing to work with and goes the extra mile to make sure that we have somebody to cover us. So easy to work with!  All the hygienists we have had are amazing!  Would highly recommend.

Jennifer, Summit Smiles

We love how easy the website is to use and we appreciate the quick response time from the temps.  We will definitely continue to use Pontic!

Shannon, Sedona Dental

Pontic was amazing. They were able to help fill our hygiene position last minute. Have used several times. And will use again. Thanks Pontic!!

Vonda, Orchid Dental

The Hygienist we have had have been great. They are very professional. We really enjoy working with Pontic so far.

Rishele, Meridian Dental Care

We have always gotten a prompt response for our temping needs. We enjoy working with PONTIC and will continue to work with them in the future.

Diane, Genesee Dental Group

Finding a temporary was much easier than it has ever been with this company.

Julie, Landmark Total Dentistry

They have great Hygienist, great follow through and go the extra mile to get you staffed. Nothing but great experiences.

Christie, DeCino Family Dentistry

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