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Unlike a temp agency, PONTIC provides the benefits of temping freedom, but without restrictions. PONTIC is the platform that allows dental offices and temporary staff to connect…on their own terms.

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The PONTIC platform allows you to search through our Marketplace of dental temps willing to travel to your office. Using our search filters, you’re able to narrow in on the perfect fit for your office. One of the best things about PONTIC is that we allow you to directly contact and negotiate with your temp. In addition to our in-site Chat feature, you can directly contact temps with the phone number they provide. You can even hire your temp to a permanent position without restricting non-compete fees, like you often see with temp agencies.

Dental Professionals

At PONTIC we’re here to support you by providing the platform that enhances your career. The PONTIC platform empowers you to be your own boss, set your own fees, make your own schedule, determine your travel distance…be in charge of your career. We’re not here to take a piece of your daily income by lowering your fees and increasing ours. We’re only here to support you! If you’re a permanent temp or only temping while looking for a permanent job, PONTIC is the way to go. PONTIC will NEVER stand in the way of your dream job by charging expensive placement fees.


Through an intuitive online platform, PONTIC provides the most efficient option for offices and temporary staff to seek, connect, and work. PONTIC maximizes opportunity, saves time, and establishes a marketplace focused on quality and accountability.

  • Communicate and negotiate within the PONTIC site prior to hire date!
  • No contracts! If a temporary staff member is a good fit, hire them!
  • Search filter for offices or staff: location, pay range, keywords, and etc.
  • Eliminate stress for staff when searching for temporary opportunities.
  • Reduce office stress by saving temps as “favorites” for future opportunities… coming Soon!
  • Manage your own schedule through the Scheduling and Calendar features…. coming soon!
  • Hold offices and staff accountable with ratings and reviews… coming soon!


CoNNeCTiNG on the PONTIC Marketplace.

Subscriptions include unlimited access to our network and job postings. No hidden fees.
Have immediate access to phone numbers and email address of temporary staff willing to travel to your office.
Or post a job and wait for temporary staff to contact you.

Create an account & view your Marketplace & the temps willing to travel to your office before making a commitment to our platform!

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  • See the temps willing to travel to your office before subscribing!

Job Seekers: Dental Hygienists, Assistants, & Front Office Staff

  • CoNNeCT with Dental Offices

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